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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 6/28/2014

It’s that time of the week updated traffic exchange and viral mailer report is now up. Want detailed stats of the top 20 traffic exchanges and viral mailers? Just upgrade your account for $7 a month to unlock access to the detailed reports and even more features.

If your a member of Rapid Downline the next step is to login to your account and update your ID’s for any new top 10 or 20 that hit the list. This will ensure every member you referred to Rapid Downline that joins any of these programs will be under you at that site.

I was a little worried about this week being gone for most of it but I have to say  you guys and gals have done amazing. We beat all records and had a bunch more unique visitors to the site then any of the other previous weeks. This shows me that many of you are seeing the true value of Rapid Downline.

This will be the last week of Beta for the Traffic exchange and Viral mailers which means next on the list is releasing new features for upgraded and free members. I also have a bit of a bonus starting here on July 1st and running all month that you wont want to miss. I am calling it member appreciation month so stay tuned for details.

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