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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 6/21/2014

A little bit of a hick up today sorry about that but the report is now in. You will see that the rankings are starting to even out a little more with no so much jumping around. We have one more week of beta to make sure everything is going smoothly but this weeks run looks clean and a few new sites have hit the top 20.

To view the top 10 traffic exchanges click here

To view the top 10 viral mailers click here

If you would like to see the top 20 list please create your free Rapid Downline account by clicking on the join link up top. This week we pushed just under 200k track-able hits from both traffic exchanges and viral mailers. There where also a few new launches that we got in pretty early on and saw stats coming in for within a hour after launch. This is awesome news as it shows our affiliates are really pushing the program and loving it.

After next weeks beta and everything looks good the site will start to under go more changes and additions. These additions will benefit upgraded members at first but I also have a few features for free members to come as well. Stay tuned and thank you for supporting Rapid Downline.


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