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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 6/14/2014

The results are in and we have a few new sites hitting the top 20 traffic exchanges and viral mailers. We tracked well over 150,000 hits last week and totaled up the results to give you this weeks top 20 list. Great work everyone the site is growing quickly and there is still plenty of places to refer others into Rapid downline to help build your income and traffic streams.

Viral mailers took a head start to some of the traffic exchanges this week based on conversions which I would have expected. Just goes to show you viral mailers are still kicking butt out there. While on the traffic exchange front some exchanges continue to produce great results while others are just flooding hits. Within the next 2 weeks we should see only converting traffic exchanges on the top 20 as we pull more and more information and more people promote the site.

What you will want to do now is login into your Rapid Downline account and make sure you sign up and input your IDs for all new sites that hit the top 20 traffic exchange and viral mailers.

Remember if you own your own traffic exchange please contact me and follow this traffic exchange owners guide to make sure we are ranking your exchange I don’t want to miss any of them.

Thank you all for the continued support we have some new features already in the works that I know you will enjoy. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or our RSS feed so you don’t miss out on important updates such as these.

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