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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 3/4/2017

This week was a bit slower as I suspected being gone for the funnel hacking live event for clickfunnels. Amazing time, good people and also got to meet Tony Robins can’t wait for next years event!

With that said Rapid Downline is going to be adjusting the bitcoin area as we all know many programs come and go within the bitcoin area so be sure to check back often and update your ID’s to maximize your bitcoin earnings with us.

Be sure to promote your Rapid Downline link anywhere and everywhere. This is the easiest way ever to build an income online.

The numbers for this week

Total hits to Rapid Downline pages 78,754

Total new members – 183

Upgrade Conversion on new sign ups – 3.28%

Marketing Tip

Remember that promoting your Rapid downline affiliate link builds both income and traffic to sustain your business.

Rapid downline also now supports a bitcoin downline builder. Bitcoin has become very popular and now is prime time to start building your downlines and earning bitcoins for yourself!


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