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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/26/2015

This week in Rapid Downline…

Starting this week and moving forward each of these weekly blog posts will have a structure to it to help keep things more organized and get you the information you are craving.

News and Updates

No big changes this week just some back end updates to the testing and optimizing the script to run quickly compared to before. This will help when we gear things up later on this year for the new projects we will be rolling out. There are 2 core big ones which we are currently discussing and figuring out the best course of action. (BTW those of you already upgraded are starting to benefit from this already you just didn’t know it till now!)

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We are looking to expand Rapid Downline towards a more general affiliate marketing platform. What this will do is increase the exposure of Rapid Downline but not only that also increase the number of new members and customers flowing into systems such as Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers.

I strongly feel the changes we are working on will be a massive benefit to the entire industry many of us call home.

The Numbers

So each week I like to break down the numbers and give them to you.

Total hits to Rapid Downline pages – 1.92 Million
Total new members last week – 147
Upgrade conversion on new sign ups – 3.21 %

Have ideas for other numbers you want to see? Let me know comment below thanks!

Marketing Tip

I know many people want to market online but often jump around and try out ever new system or marketing method hoping for quick riches. I hate to tell you this but this will one never work or two you might get very lucky and hit it off (a very very small chance) I am not say you shouldn’t I am saying you should find the marketing method you enjoy be it video, blogging, surfing, email ads, solos etc and then just stick to it give it 110% and don’t look back. When you commit to one marketing method you become better at it and increase your results over time. Once you have your own system down pat you will see the profits roll in and you could even sell your experience and expertise at a price.

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