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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 1/23/2016

Face lift, New stats and more to come!

2016 is here and so come some new updates to the Rapid Downline system.

You will start to see these new changes starting at the front page. The new design is more responsive and also its not so red in your face as it was before haha. This should improve conversion rates on the front end and more will be added soon such as testimonials.

A number of other projects are still being worked on to be added to Rapid Downline and they will come out some time this year.

The numbers for this week

Total hits to Rapid Downline pages 1.34 Million

Total new members – 137

Upgrade Conversion on new sign ups – 2.36%

Marketing Tip

We just launched a new viral mailer however this is not just your normal viral mailer it also includes training and case studies to help you understand how to build your income with these types of sites.

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