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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 10/17/2015

A New Week, New Stats, Tips and the Numbers…

News and Updates

The rework in OTOs seems to be a positive as we saw a small but welcomed 1% increase. Continued work will go into this and testing to maximize the commissions you earn.

The Numbers

Total hits to Rapid Downline pages – 1.93 Million
Total New Members Last Week – 378
Upgrade Conversion on new sign ups – 4.13%

Marketing Tip

Sit down this weekend and figure out how much time you want to spend in your day working on your business. Be realistic though as you have other things you need to do like eat, sleep, family time, personal time etc. Once you have this number build out what exactly you want to do in that time frame. Try to eliminate any work that is not really contributing to your income and remove all distractions. You should be pleasantly surprised by everything you can knock out in just a single hour of dedicated time to working on your business.

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