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Tips For Viral Mailer Owners

While every effort of mine is made to join ever viral mailer and promote at least one Rapid Downline ad on it a week you can understand what a huge task this is even with over 1,000 affiliates now promoting Rapid Downline there still might be one that slips though the cracks.

As an owner there are a few things you can do to be sure you are being ranked on Rapid Downline. First make sure you are a Rapid Downline member its free to join or just $7 a month to unlock the full downline builder and any upgrade features we release in the future. Next is to promote one of the Rapid Downline splash pages or main referral link with a mailing to your members via your credit mailer.

Doing so the system will auto pick up your domain and tag you as viral mailer and start ranking your traffic. Whats great about our ranking system is the ability for even small sites to rank high. We track conversions and sales over anything else since that is what makes business online thrive and work. Even if you only have 500 members but your converting at a high rate you stand a very real chance at hitting the top 10 which will open your site up to all of our members. It’s honestly a win win situation for you. You’ll be earning commissions from Rapid Downline, helping your own site grow and gaining more commissions and traffic from the downline you build in the top ranked 20 programs.

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  1. Hi there, Sean. I’m not a site owner. However, just want to give props to the post. It’s only Thursday and I’m very excited to see who ranks up there this Saturday.

    Great job on the program and thanks!


    • rapiddownline says:

      Always cool to see what sites are ranking a few times there have been some smaller ones that produced good sign up rates. Which honestly makes sense if you reach a new group of members that normally don’t surf or read emails at some of the bigger sites. After this week there will be one more week in which the site rankings will be in beta. But pretty sure I have a good system down pat now for ranking sites based heavy on conversions and sales. Of course I will always keep on top of it though and come up with some unique methods to track. I want to input optin pages next and track sign ups for news letters etc. This is just the start…


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