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Prepare For First Beta Report

Rapid Downlines first ranking report will come out Saturday 6/7/2014 around noon EST and there are a few things you need to know in order to maximize your results.

  1. Weekly Reports Same Time – It’s a good idea to always remember to login to Rapid Downline Saturday afternoon after the report runs so you can enter your IDs for any new sites that have hit the top 20 rankings. This will ensure anyone under you will get your referral link. *Also remember if a site you input your ID for falls off the rankings and later returns your ID will still be intact.
  2. These first rankings will be BETA РSimply put I will be tweaking the code back end for the algorithms that rank these sites. As more information flows in from members and myself promoting Rapid Downline it paints a clearer picture for me as to what the settings should be to give every site a fair chance.
  3. Promote Often – Do you own a traffic exchange or viral mailer yourself? Then please be sure to add one of our rapid downline pages into rotation or email out via your viral mailer at least once a week so we can pull data from your site and include it in the rankings. Not only will you be included in the rankings but you will also be building quality downlines in a number of other programs. It’s a true win/win situation for you.
Remember to login every Saturday afternoon to update your IDs in the Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer ranker downline builder. Inside your members area you will see a countdown timer which will reflect how long until the new report runs based on your time zone.

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