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One Year Ago

Did you know that Rapid Downline is now one year old?!

Over a year ago I had an idea to launch my own ranking service. Not one based on votes or opinion but one based on cold hard facts that make businesses a success. Rapid Downline tracks what matters the optins, conversions, sales and unique visitors your business needs to grow.

To celebrate one year I have 4x the amount of co-op referrals for the month…

Elite – 4 co-op referrals normally 0

Professional – 20 co-0p referrals normally 5

Exclusive – 40 co-op referrals normally 10

Not only that but a number of projects are in the works for year 2 of Rapid Downline which are unique to anything anyone else offers out there.

Now is the perfect time to login or join Rapid Downline and upgrade your account to reap the rewards of this one year celebration and all the new features about to be rolled out. Thank you to all of you for one amazing year so far but this year we are going to blow it out of the water!

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