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New Changes To Co-Op Pool

Huge news for those of you upgraded to Professional or Exclusive levels. With these membership types you get all the finer details of Rapid Downline but also these upgrade types put you into our Co-Op referral system.

The old system used to just pull any and all active members and assign them as upgrades came in. We even did bonus months where you earned double and some time 4 times the amount of co-op referrals just for being upgraded with us.

However we did notice that some of these referrals where old and inactive over time.

Thus the creation of our new co-op system!

Professional Upgrade gets – 5 co-op referrals per month
Exclusive Upgrade gets – 10 co-op referrals per month

These new co-ops must have logged in within the last 60 days in order to be assigned. This ensures any dead beat referrals that have not logged in for over 2 months will not be counted and assigned to you. A higher quality lead for you via our special co-op system. Plus to really get this off to a running start in September you will be earning double the co-0p referrals from the system!

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