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Effective Viral Mailer Advertising

Viral mailers or safelists are membership sites that allow you to send a broadcast email to all current active members of the system. Most of the time these are members looking for such things as more traffic, making money online and learning other methods of building their business.

Taking note the the above will let you know how you should target your ad and lead capture offer to cater to this audience. Remember that targeting your ads to what the niche is interested in will greatly increase your optin rates.

If you have a product or service you want to promote I recommend building out a lead capture page first to get the lead. However as soon as you capture that lead do no wait for them to confirm their email. Immediately follow up with this via a sales page offering a low cost product that you know has resulted in high sales rates. Putting your best product first will allow you to create your buyers list and then push into higher ticket price items.

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