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Why The Current 7 Recommended

Within your members area is a downline builder currently with 7 programs on the recommended list. These where hand picked each for their own reasons. Below I would like to go over them and also to tell you when to expect an 8th.

Lead Crusader – Is a powerful co-op marketing platform for both 468×60 banners and website traffic. The top 20 list you see here in both viral mailers and traffic exchanges pump traffic and banner ads to this co-op system which you can tap into for less money then you think. Not only does this co-op deliver from the top 20 traffic exchanges and viral mailers but it also delivers traffic from social networks, marketer solo ads, my own lists, text ad sites and just about anywhere else I can place your ad and get you traffic.

PowerSurfCentral – Traffic exchanges at their finest. PSC provides daily, weekly and monthly rewards along with a power points system where you can earn your way to upgrades and more traffic. Simply put if your surfing traffic exchanges this one is a must. You’ll be very happy with the extra traffic you get from the system.

Aweber – I have used other auto responders in the past such as Trafficwave, Get response, Mail chimp and more, however I always push myself back to Aweber based on a few key factors. High deliverability on my emails I know they are going to inbox’s and not spam boxes. Also an easy to understand interface plus a system to build decent looking lead capture pages. Its in the mid price range out of all of the auto responders but honestly if your serious about making money online then don’t skimp on an auto responder which is where you will make your most income.

CyberWeath7 – Is a new software to come out that has a patent on it. I got tired of getting key loggers on my computer and not knowing it till someone used my credit card or tried to login into an account of mine. Thus it made perfect sense to join CyberWealth7 which is a MLM type program where you can earn money but also runs software on your computer that encrypts your keyboard preventing keyloggers from accessing your information as you type it in.

IMLoop – Is my own personal social network which I have been building for almost the last year now. It has many unique features but the main goal of this site is to build connections for small business, affiliate marketers and business owners. It’s a great place to meet new people in the niche and talk business. The site offers support, help and unique features unlike any other social network.

The7DaySuccessPlan – Honestly I just love the way this site is set up. 7 days of planning and goals to reach and then repeat gearing you towards success online. It’s time effective, has a great support team and system in place.

ReferralFrenzy – Maybe one of the most powerful sites to be upgraded in right now. Simple and effective allowing you to use their viral mailer system to send out to over 20 viral mailers. Also great solo ads and premium solo ads that get great results. The system is designed to also reward those that upgrade by promoting their referral links for many sites earning them downline members. A small price to pay for such big rewards.

Now should their be an 8th?

Yes, at some point after a heavy review of a site and I find it worth while to members here at Rapid Downline an 8th recommended site or system will be added. If you think you have a program that would fit well here be it a team build, software, hosting, marketing, social network or anything dealing with the making money online niche just comment below or send in a support ticket with your suggestion.

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  1. These are great. I do belong to 3 of the programs above.

    I am getting great results with a tool that targets College Kids.

    They want to make money too! and this tool shows you where and how to connect with College Kids.


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