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Bitcoin Added To Rapid Downline

This is a new feature of Rapid Downline I am excited about. I’ve been wanted to add it for a while now and felt the start of 2017 was the perfect time… We now have a separate downline builder for Bitcoin! This new downline builder takes all of the top bitcoin mining platforms, free faucets and investments and combines them into one powerful downline builder you can now [...]

The Changes Lead To This

Great news! September is my birthday month so to celebrate I just doubled up all co-op referrals earned by all members who are currently upgrade and who upgrade any time this month. Elite Used to be 0 now get 2 Professional used to be 5 now get 10 Exclusive used to be 10 now get 20! No need to do anything else besides being an upgraded member. If you are already upgraded then these [...]

TEProfits Added To Recommended List

As some of you are aware by now I have become co-owner of an amazing website called TEProfits. This site was originally designed by Scott Douglas and goes in depth not only in training about traffic exchanges but also how to build your business and income online with them. Just take a look at what some of the active members of TEProfits have to say about it already. Visit TEProfits [...]

New Changes To Co-Op Pool

Huge news for those of you upgraded to Professional or Exclusive levels. With these membership types you get all the finer details of Rapid Downline but also these upgrade types put you into our Co-Op referral system. The old system used to just pull any and all active members and assign them as upgrades came in. We even did bonus months where you earned double and some time 4 times the [...]

One Year Ago

Did you know that Rapid Downline is now one year old?! Over a year ago I had an idea to launch my own ranking service. Not one based on votes or opinion but one based on cold hard facts that make businesses a success. Rapid Downline tracks what matters the optins, conversions, sales and unique visitors your business needs to grow. To celebrate one year I have 4x the amount of co-op [...]

Happy New Year 2015!

Thank you all for one amazing 2014! 2014 we saw the launch of Rapid Downline the most unique ranking service out there. We also saw a number of improvements/ changes based on members feedback (thank you for your input I greatly value it). 2015 has a number of features and add-ons already planed which you can check out in the blog post before this here – Whats In Store For [...]

What’s In Store For Rapid Downline In 2015

At the end of each year I like to look back and reflect on all the accomplishments that happened over the year and also to take note and figure out where my sites should go for the coming year and set forth some blueprints. I would like to take a moment and show you what we currently have planned for 2015 for Rapid Downline (of course more will be added as we progress into the year as [...]

Custom Downline Builder

A new addition has hit Rapid Downline for all of our upgraded members(free members can view their uplines recommended). Now you can create and build your own custom downline builder which is called upline Recommended. This new page allows you to list up to 5 of your own recommended sites to everyone you refer to Rapid Downline. Also on this a presented by option which will display your [...]

July Is Member Appreciation Month

What a huge month we had in June. Just one month in and our affiliates have earned literally hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars in commissions and advertising already. Now moving into our second month of launch I wanted to give back to my valued members by rolling out the member appreciation month all July long. What exactly do I have in store? Well the whole point to [...]

Prepare For First Beta Report

Rapid Downlines first ranking report will come out Saturday 6/7/2014 around noon EST and there are a few things you need to know in order to maximize your results. Weekly Reports Same Time – It’s a good idea to always remember to login to Rapid Downline Saturday afternoon after the report runs so you can enter your IDs for any new sites that have hit the top 20 rankings. [...]
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