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What Does Rapid Downline Do Vs The Competition

A little over a year ago I decided to roll out a plan of mine I had to build Rapid Downline. It was a rather large undertaking and continues to be as new features and adjustments are made to the system. But this is what is making Rapid Downline stick out above the other “competition”. There are a few other programs which do what Rapid Downline does such as Affiliate Funnel [...]

Why Build Multiple Traffic and Income Streams

When it comes to making money online many of us start out as affiliates. It can be a rough road trying to figure out what product you want to build yourself and put your name on. This has lead to a huge boom in affiliate marketing. However all of us know these programs end up sticking around and then phasing out sometimes within a few months or a few years. This can lead to a huge lose [...]

7 Ways To Help Boost Your Referrals At Rapid Downline FREE Part 2

A few days ago I gave you my top 3 ways to building a referral base here at Rapid Downline and well quite honestly any program out there in which you want to promote to earn commissions for or even your own sites. But I did promise you a total of 7 and thus part 2 of that blog post is here. In this post I will go over 4 more ways to help boost your referrals here at Rapid Downline (or [...]

7 Ways To Help Boost Your Referrals At Rapid Downline FREE Part 1

When it comes to marketing online I have found one thing to be true. That one thing is there are plenty of free resources out there to promote your referral links, your business or just about anything you want. You just need to know where to look and be willing to trade in some time to set up these free methods. So without further ado here are my top 3 picks of 7 for promoting you and [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 12/20/2014

Close to the holidays but still going strong with the rankings. Rapid Downline has hit yet another milestone with nearly half a million unique visitors tracked just last week alone! Those are some ground breaking numbers and whats even more important is we are also working on a huge push and contest to start the new year off right. Now is the time to login to your account and update [...]

Custom Squeeze Page For Upgraded Members

Rapid Downline does it again! With the introduction of custom downline builders for upgraded members (full blog post found here) it has been a goal of mine to design a nice looking page which you could use to brand yourself along with your recommended programs. This page looks like this… This page is designed to brand yourself with your name and any social icons you have connected [...]

How To Build Success With Rapid Downline

Planning Your Attack I want to share with you a simple yet very powerful success plan that you can put into action starting as soon as you read this entire post.  A success plan that will build you traffic streams and income streams that will fuel your online business and help you reach your goals online. Rapid Downline is the tool towards success and surprisingly it’s not hard [...]

Curious How I Keep Track Of My Results?

One key thing many people online marketing miss out on is understanding how to track their traffic. I’m not talking about some crummy unique hits i’m talking about tracking exactly where your optins come from and your sales the two most important factors to building any business online. Below I am going to go over with you one of the most powerful and robust yet easy to use [...]

How To Be Successful With Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges

I’m about to share with you over 10 years of my marketing experience in a few easy to follow steps that will increase your conversion rates and set you on the path to success. Below are my 5 easy to follow steps anyone can use to both understand these traffic methods and to reap the full benefits of them. 1. Get Results Use Proper Ads. If you don’t do this I promise you [...]

Custom Downline Builder

A new addition has hit Rapid Downline for all of our upgraded members(free members can view their uplines recommended). Now you can create and build your own custom downline builder which is called upline Recommended. This new page allows you to list up to 5 of your own recommended sites to everyone you refer to Rapid Downline. Also on this a presented by option which will display your [...]
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