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Sponsored Listings Now For Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers

About to launch a new traffic exchange or viral mailer? Already own one and just want to give it a bit of a bump? Now Rapid Downline offers a new paid featured called sponsored listings. These are located once you login to your account and go to Downline builder in the top menu then sponsored ad. Here you will find your Traffic Exchange or Viral Mailer and then select choose date and [...]

What TEProfts Can Do For You

Just a few short months ago I partnered up with Scott Douglas owner of TEProfits and starting a chain of events that has now lead to the most powerful Traffic Exchange income and traffic building programs out there. Scott had done amazing work on the site thousands of hours input for content and just pure gold when it comes to making money with Traffic Exchanges. But it needed a little [...]

Effective Viral Mailer Advertising

Viral mailers or safelists are membership sites that allow you to send a broadcast email to all current active members of the system. Most of the time these are members looking for such things as more traffic, making money online and learning other methods of building their business. Taking note the the above will let you know how you should target your ad and lead capture offer to [...]

New Guaranteed Views On Login Ads

Login ads are a powerful tool to use on any site. It’s a great spot to grab someones attention and has been proven over the years to be of high conversions. Rapid downline has always offered login ads since it’s launch but there was one key point I thought it was missing and that was to guaranteed ad views on each order. Currently up to 10 login ads can be in circulation at [...]

Advertising on Rapid Downline

Rapid Downline is a great place to promote your products and services and we offer a number of ways to do it. The site targets entrepreneurs, investors, small business and interested consumers. Buy Your Banner Ads here 125×125 Banner on our blog and within our members area 468×60 Banner on our blog [...]
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