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What Does Rapid Downline Do Vs The Competition

A little over a year ago I decided to roll out a plan of mine I had to build Rapid Downline. It was a rather large undertaking and continues to be as new features and adjustments are made to the system. But this is what is making Rapid Downline stick out above the other “competition”.

There are a few other programs which do what Rapid Downline does such as Affiliate Funnel and Traffic Hoopla. While both of these have been great programs I felt there was something missing from these programs and this is when I put Rapid Downine into action.

A bit about each program…

Affiliate Funnel – Ranks only traffic exchanges but also weighs heavy based on votes. While voting is a good way to rank sites it can also be manipulated and cheated to push a site higher in the ranks then what it should be. It also takes small consideration into what you should really care about when promoting your sites on these types of sites and that’s optins, conversions and sales.

Traffic Hoopla – This site has been around for a while now. It does have good tracking however the commission end of the tracking on this program weighs very heavy on what the owner makes in commissions and not the overall site again limiting what you might see in your own promotion efforts.

Rapid Downline – No voting, No biases on commissions earned. The system tracks based on many factors and assigns a point system based on the actions completed system wide via the promotion efforts of everyone. This paints a better picture in showing you the user where you most likely stand the best chance in getting results to your own sites.

Join Free today and consider one of our upgrade packages to tap into our Co-Op system. Build your downlines faster, your commissions fatter and traffic streams flowing with new visitors to your offers.

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