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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/20/2014

The new week is here for our rankings for the top 20 Viral Mailers and Traffic exchanges. Now is the time to login to your account and update any of your ID’s for the top new 20.

Later on this week I will be announcing 2 things but to give you a bit of a heads up on what they are one will be for a new powerful tool that is hitting the internet that will allow you to easily create pages that suck in leads and build you income from list building.

The other will be a step system on how to use and be the most profitable with Rapid Downline. The whole point of this site is to build you steams of traffic and commissions from these top converting sites.

Remember we just updated out Login ads to now have guaranteed views. Example: if you order 7 days of ads and it has at least 750 guaranteed views. If you do not recive that many views after 7 days you will remain in rotation till you do.

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