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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/13/2014

Our traffic exchange and viral mail report are now updated for last weeks stats. This week we pushed well over 100k hits but I am building plans to increase this to 250k or more each week.

A big update this week is the tracking of optins. These are people that joined my squeeze page for my report and optins also get a point value to help them rank. Optins are great and while sales might not be generated from them right away they can be sold to later or join other free programs you want to bring them into.

If there was one key factor that seriously drives any business it would be the building of a list. I’d go blue in the face trying to make sure everyone serious about making money was building there list. You should have a optin where your capturing their information before any MLM, business op or affiliate program you are promoting. If your not your seriously hampering your success online.

You can get your hands on my report by visiting 3 Step Method

Remember you will want to login to your Rapid Downline account and update any ID’s for the newly ranked top 20.

*Coming Soon* I will be expanding Rapid Downline to rank Solo ad providers. This will take some time as there are no affiliate links with these types of programs however they do help to build results quickly. There will be sections with stats and user reviews for these solos as well. Stay tuned for more! (btw this is going to be a paid only access area as the information here takes thousands of dollars each month to produce)

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