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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 8/23/2014

Saturday is here and it’s time to update those ID’s for the top 20 Traffic exchange and Viral mailers. Be sure to login to your account and add in your ID’s, doing so will ensure anyone you referred to Rapid Downline will be joining under you for those sites.

Side note: remember for as little as $7 a month you can unlock all of the power of Rapid Downline. This includes…

  • Unlocks all 20 ID’s so you can enter them for Traffic exchanges and Viral Mailers
  • Access to discounts page where various TE’s and VM’s along with other sites add discounts
  • Part of our co-op system where we generate referrals for you monthly
  • More features coming soon

One of these new features will be released on Tuesday 8/26/2014 which will give upgraded members true powerful methods to tap into their co op referrals and referrals they bring into Rapid Downline.

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