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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 2/7/2015

Rapid Downline now tracks over 675 traffic exchanges and viral mailers! With over 500,000 hits from traffic exchanges and 86,000 hits from viral mailers tracked in the last 7 days you can quickly see why Rapid Downline has become a true force in the industry. If you want results Rapid Downline is designed to get you those results to help fuel your business.

Today marks the day for our new tracking for the week and also means the top 20 Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers has been updated. Now is the time to login to Rapid Downline and update all of your ID’s for any new programs that have hit the top ranking.

Even in this day of being bombarded with information the most powerful referrer tool is… word of mouth.

Your word of mouth is just able to be spread further in this digital age. Instead of speaking one on one you can now speak to masses via your Blog, Email marketing and Social networks.

If you first hand have seen the power of Rapid Downline share it with all you know. Spreading the word in such a way is powerful, as a recommendation to your friends, customers, subscribers and loyal readers is the best method for building your referral network.

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