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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 1/3/2015

It’s a new year and today is our first report of the new year. The numbers have been added up and the results are in! Login to your Rapid downline account and check them out. Also input any of your ID’s for any new sites that hit the top 20 so when your downline joins they join under you. (remember our report always runs at noon EST on Saturday)

Join or login to Rapid Downline by clicking here

Also a big thing to mention is this month we are doing our member appreciation month so all upgraded members will be getting double the co-op referrals! A powerful and low cost way to help build your income from these programs and build your traffic flow.

Elite – 2 co-op referrals – normally 0
Professional – 10 co-op referrals – normally 5
Exclusive – 20 co-op referrals – normally 10
Happy New Year and 2015 to you all keep motivated and crush it!

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