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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 1/31/2015

Today is the day, new reports are out for the top 20 Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers and the perfect time to login and update your ID’s. This ensures that when someone you referred to Rapid Downline joins any of the programs from Rapid Downline that they go into your downline.

We had a number of high converting TE’s and VM’s hit the list this month which is great! We also had a number of new launches some that went very well and others DOA. This brings up a new feature I am looking to implement into Rapid Downline soon.

New Launch Tuesday! For any new sites launching before Tuesday I will be adding them in on Tuesday morning. This is an awesome way to build downlines quickly in new programs and start testing them out. I am thinking they remain on the new launch list for 1 month after which they will be removed and have to produce results to be listed on the top 20 TE’s or VM’s. Ample time to achieve such a goal. Look for this new feature coming soon!

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy the SuperBowl!

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