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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 1/24/2015

It’s that time of the week. Our new report is out and an all new top 20 Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers are ready to be viewed. If your an upgraded member at Rapid Downline you will be able to see detailed reports about our rankings.

Now is the time to login to your account and update your ID’s of any new sites that have hit the top 20 or top 10 if your a free member. This insures that anyone that joins from Rapid Downline that you referred is placed under you.

This is exactly what makes Rapid Downline so powerful, allowing you to start building income and traffic streams starting right now!

Stay tuned next week I will be sending out a poll for some feedback on features/direction on where you would like to see Rapid Downline move to this year. Thank you ahead of time for your feedback and support it means a great deal.

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