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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 12/20/2014

Close to the holidays but still going strong with the rankings. Rapid Downline has hit yet another milestone with nearly half a million unique visitors tracked just last week alone! Those are some ground breaking numbers and whats even more important is we are also working on a huge push and contest to start the new year off right.

Now is the time to login to your account and update your ID’s for any new sites that hit the rankings.

This weeks promotion tip…

With litteral hunderds of traffic exchanges and viral mailers out there it is a real challenge to figure out what ones are worth your time. Which is why Rapid Downline was created to help you see what sites are pushing results. However running ads all over the web is important as you never know where and how that next sale might come in. An easy inexpensive way to cover all networks quickly is to use banner and text ads. Many sites give they away as freebie prizes and honestly I am still shocked at how few people actully use them. Slap up your Rapid Downline referral links and banners on every possible ad network you can find and watch your downline explode!

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