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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 10/4/2014

That time of the week again, new reports have run and the top 20 Traffic exchanges and Viral mailers have been posted based on last weeks results. This week we see a brand new crowned champion in the TE world pushing 6 sign ups! It’s good to see exchanges such as this which look outside of the box creating a larger audience for your ads.

We also have one viral mailer which is really sanding out producing sign ups. Again this is one that looks outside of the box and ends up gathering in unique members to promote your products and services to.

I am currently working on a few final touches of the next optin report I will be releasing. Each month a new optin funnel will be created and tracked. This gives all traffic exchanges and viral mailers an even chance to rank for optins as well. Split testing and tracking is also done to help push these conversion rates to their max level and is something you should be doing too.

A great program to build quality optin funnels with and do split testing with is called Click Funnels and I highly recommend you check it out. There really is only a few days left to lock in the 14 day free trial so go lock it in right now by clicking here Funnels 14 day trial limited time!

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