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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 8/8/2015

That time of the week, be sure to add your ID’s for any of the new top 20!

The Numbers…

1.63 MILLION hits to Rapid Downline pages last week. (We broke another record)

Over 750 New Members Joined Us Last Week!

Over 140 Co-op referrals where given away to upgraded members(The fast track way to building multiple incomes and traffic streams)

The Advice…

While at the moment Rapid Downline only track and ranks Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers there are still literally hundreds of other places you and promote your Rapid Downline affiliate links and start building your multiple income streams.

Social Networks (TSU, Facebook, IMloop, IBOToolbox, Apsense, Twitter, Google +, MySpace or just do a search on Google for social networks and you will find tons)

Blogging (Blogging has simply become one of the best ways to getting quality conversions. Keep writing and once in a while split in a banner or text link to your Rapid Downling referral link)

FFAs, Classifieds, Text ad exchanges – all great places to promote your links and spread the word to new people who are brand new to marketing online. Our startup training in our follow up emails will ensure they are well taken care of in understanding what to do.

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