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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 8/29/2015

A number of new updates have rolled out this week along with the announcement today of a new program hitting our top recommended program on September 1st!

Quick shout out first that it is that time of the week to login and check out the new top 20 lists for Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges. Be sure to get in there and update your IDs for any new programs that have hit the top 20 list.

Update 1 – As posted a few days ago our new co op system now forces more active users to be used when awarding upgraded members their co-op referrals each month. This change will greatly impact the quality of the co-op leads you get from being upgraded to professional or exclusive.

Update 2 – In just a few days a huge announcement will go out and the start of what I believe will be an epic turn around in the TE industry. Some of you might already know I have partnered up with a site and now co-own it. This site will be placed on the recommended list along with a massive month long sales contest where silver and cash will be given out!

Enjoy your weekends and look forward to my email come Tuesday.

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