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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 8/15/2015

What a great week over 1.5 million hits again to Rapid Downline pages and commissions where just paid out today! Remember upgrading your account will allow you to earn more commissions from the members you bring into the Rapid Downline system

The Numbers… Over 1.5 Millions Hits To Rapid Downline Pages Affiliates Paid out over $3,000! Tracking 637 Traffic Exchanges and 170 Viral Mailers


New Updates and Changes Coming Soon

The entire co-op system will be revamped this month to pave way for a better and more robust system. We always want to over deliver and provide the best quality co-op referrals and these new changes and updates will make sure those of you upgraded will be getting the best most active members on Rapid Downline.

Full blown marketing system with tracking is being worked on in the back end. This most likely will still take a few more months as it is a rather robust system that has never been done before so a good amount of testing will be going into it as well. I will do my best to roll out a beta system of this before the end of the year so we can both pull stats, fix bugs and be ready to rock massive sales come 2016.

Thank you for all of your support and for making Rapid Downline the best downline builder!

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