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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 8/1/2015

The start of a new month is here always a good time for myself to kick things back into gear and look over what I accomplished last month and how more can be accomplished this month.

With that being said our new top 20 list is in!! Rememeber every Saturday at noon EST the new report comes out and this is the best time to login to Rapid Downline and add your IDs for the top 20.

We are wrapping a few things up at another partnership site of mine and should have that out to you some time this week. This new site will be on the recommended list so be sure your on the email list to get notice as soon as it has been added.

Just some fun stats for last week
Over 258 new members joined Rapid Downline
We pushed 1.57 Million hits to its main page and sub page

Own your own Traffic Exchange or Viral mailer?

If your not on this list let me know! Rapid Downlines Badge Page 

Have a great and successful weekend!

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