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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 6/13/2015

WOW! What a week what a week…

I wanted to first apologize for the random time outs and bit of downtime we had on Wednesday into Thursday. The issue we faced was so much traffic was poring in we just couldn’t keep up with the tracking of it and it was maxing out our servers. We rewrote the script and added in some new coding that reduces the stress on the server now so we can support now up to 4-5 times as much traffic as we where maxing out on last week. Which by the way came in at over 1.2 Million hits! That seriously blew my socks off you gals and guys rock!

Just a quick reminder that now is the time to login to your Rapid Downline account and update your IDs for any new programs that have reached out top 20.

Also we are 2 weeks into our 1 year anniversary, remember upgrading your accounts this month means 4x the co op referrals.

Elite – 4 co-op referrals normally 0
Professional – 20 co-op referrals normally 5
Exclusive – 40 co-op referrals normally 10

Also a project in which we have been working over 4 months on is looking to be released at the end of this month. Stay tuned and make sure your on the email list for this huge announcement.

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