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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 5/9/2015 Plus Tips

This week I want to start off with a few tips to help our new and even older members of the site. Rapid Downline is coming up on one year old already come next month and it’s the perfect time to show you what is in the plans that we have been working on and how to maximize and set yourself up for success for year two and beyond with Rapid Downline.


5 Reason Why To Promote Rapid Downline

1. Earn Commissions From Rapid Downline

2. Build Referrals In over 50 other programs

3. Earn Commissions from those 50 + other programs

4. Earn Traffic from those 50 + other programs

5. The ability to promote your own programs to your downline

Now that you know the reasons lets talk about how to get you those referrals.

How To Build Your Downline In Rapid Downline

1. Upgrade your account to Professional or Exclusive to take part in our monthly co-op. Right now this month we are awarding double the co-ops for our upgraded members. (Just imagine what we are going to do to celebrate our 1 year!)

2. Now that your building traffic in these programs consider putting 20% or more of your credits towards the promotion of your Rapid Downline pages.

3. Post your banner, text ads, quick join pages and ranking pages anywhere and everywhere. Honestly get in the habit of just posting a stream update, blog about it, tweet it, post on FFAs, banner ads on any site you can find, pay for banner ads on other blogs and more. Seriously with marketing online there are so many creative ways and ideas that come out every day.

If you came up with a unique and creative idea for promoting your Rapid Downline referral links I want to hear about it so comment below.

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