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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 5/2/2015

May rings in the month of double co-op spots! What exactly does that mean?

Upgrading your account at any level this month gets you bonus co-op referrals to help build your Rapid Downline streams of income and traffic.

Elite – Normally 0 now 2 Co-op referrals
Professional – Normally 5 now 10 Co-op referrals
Exclusive – Normally 10 now 20 Co-op referrals!

Also just a quick reminder to let you know it is now time to login to your Rapid Downline account and update your ID’s for the top Traffic exchanges and Viral mailers. This insures anyone that joins under you at Rapid Downline ends up in your downline there. Have a great weekend!

Discussion 2

  1. At the firt instance l thought it to be scam but now is very realistic and reliable.

    • rapiddownline says:

      Very possible with some work and bringing in others to Rapid Downline you wont just be building an income with Rapid Downline but also in a number of other sites and earning commissions from those sites as well as traffic to promote your own offers. The entire site is built around getting you results for the time you spend on it.


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