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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 4/11/2015

The new top 20 list is out for the top Traffic exchanges and Viral mailers. This week we saw some shake up which could be due to some of the big new launches we had and big time promos/rewards. Just login to your Rapid Downline account and update your ID’s for any new programs that hit the top 20 list. This insures that your downline here will be joining under you.

Today I wanted to leave you with a tip of list building. Those of you who know me already and the work I do know I pride myself on building massive responsive lists. There are many working parts that factor in when building a large but responsive list and I actually wrote a blog post about this over 4 years ago which is still relevant to this day and will continue to be.

Please check out – 7 Key Email Tips For Marketers

Have a great weekend and remember to get your Rapid Downline links out there anywhere and everywhere. The more exposure you have the faster you can grow your traffic and income streams with Rapid Downline.

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