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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 3/21/2015

BOOM! New week and new results, but first I wanted to thank the over 370 people that took the survey so far with your feedback. This has been of great value in helping shape the path Rapid Downline takes here in the future and wanted to give you a bit of feedback on the results and where we are headed.

Over 70% said Rapid Downline was good and 20% great but there was that 10% that said it could be better. Which yes everything can always be better! This is where I feel the last question really brought in details on what could be better about the system and each of those are being addressed. Better updates about when to come and input your IDs, more training, keeping up the good work (can do 😉 lol) and more content for upgraded members.

As per the second question on what other rankings you want to see over 50% pushed on Text Ad Exchanges and Solo ads. Since I have never owned a text ad exchange myself I will be looking for someone to takes some time and talk to about text ad exchanges and how best to implement them into the Rapid Downline system. If you would be interested in this and have run your own text ad exchange for over a year please contact me.

As for solo ads this will be a major push within the next 2-3 months as we build out our paid training and products promotion. Not only are we going to be tracking the results of this but you will be earning bonus commissions from all sales generated from these mini funnels. This is be a massive step forward for Rapid Downline and those of you who actively promote the system.

As always just a quick reminder to make sure you login and update your ID’s with any new sites that have hit the top 20 list for Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers. Have an awesome weekend and thank you for being a valued customer, member and integrate part of the success of Rapid Downline I appreciate you all.

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