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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 2/28/2015

Building an online income does not need to be hard and starting next month (tomorrow) I will be releasing some free reports which will be used towards added tracking for Rapid Downline to show you conversions for optins.

Later on this year I will also be developing a way which all of you can promote these reports that will filter in other products, services and promote Rapid Downline itself and you get to earn commissions on all of it! Now those leads you generate are truly powerful!

But of course you know what today is right? Noon EST a Saturday this means it is time to login to your Rapid Downline account and input your ID’s for any new programs that have hit our top 20 list.

This ensures that anyone that joins via Rapid Downline will be pushed under you for that program. This earns you traffic, credits, banner impressions, text impressions and yes even commissions all of which help fuel your business to grow month after month. Have an awesome weekend and thank you so much for being a valuable part of Rapid Downline.

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