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How To Be Successful With Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges

I’m about to share with you over 10 years of my marketing experience in a few easy to follow steps that will increase your conversion rates and set you on the path to success. Below are my 5 easy to follow steps anyone can use to both understand these traffic methods and to reap the full benefits of them.

1. Get Results Use Proper Ads. If you don’t do this I promise you you’re leaving a lot of quality traffic and leads on the table. Traffic exchanges and viral mailers offer a low cost per targeted lead generation. However just like any industry it has its niche targets which your ads will perform best for.

The niche targets that will convert the best are Traffic Generation, Making Money Online, Email Marketing and just about any other type of online marketing/money making ads. By targeting your ads towards these demographics you will increase your results.


2. Squeeze Them. Another way to increase results is to use a squeeze page/landing page or splash page. Splash pages are quick loading images that when clicked take you to the main website, but I will be honest with you these are totally out of date and instead I recommend you always use a squeeze page/quick join page.

This page should be quick loading, grab the persons attention within the first few words and have a clear call to action. This call to action should be for them to optin to your mailing list such as Aweber in order to gain more information, download a report, get a free dvd, webinar or any number of other offers.


3. Subject Lines/Headlines are Important. With viral mailers the only thing a person really reads are your subject lines and then your headline when the ad is shown. The key here is to create a intriguing subject line which will get them to view your ad and then your headline follows up giving them a call to action to optin for more information.

Need a little help getting those creative juices flowing
Check out my 7 step guide for free to creating cash sucking subject/headlines here at


4. Build That List You hear it all the time yet few people do it and honestly your killing your overall profits if your not doing it or worse building someone else’s list! This couples with point 2 above where you use squeeze pages in order to capture a persons information, normally name and email. However some might require more fields or information you need such as address, phone number etc. The idea here is always to keep it as short as possible so its easy to fill it out or create a two step optin where they enter name and email and then are taken to a new form that prepopulates and asks for the additional information.

When building a list you need to really warm the person up since much of the traffic you will be getting is what’s called cold traffic. To do this you need to introduce yourself, give yourself credibility and then offer your best information for free. What? Yes for FREE! You need to shock and aw them with your knowledge so they come back wanting more. Standing out as a authority figure in your niche you are promoting is important.

Since your list is so important I always tell my clients not to skimp on the cost of a quality auto responder. This is why I have always recommended Aweber which I have been using for nearly 10 years now.


5. This Site Is Your Guide. I will be honest with you, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of viral mailers and traffic exchanges out there. But they are not all the same, some have games, some produce results and some honestly are just dead weight. Even after 10 years of marketing it’s hard to figure out what ones to stick with and run ads on. I spent well over a few grand every month buying up ads until I decided to launch Rapid Downline.

Rapid Downline is a free to join site which will list the top 20 traffic exchange and viral mailers based on key tracking and results. It awards point values for sites that send sales, sign ups and optins. Not only is this based on my own advertising but its based on hundreds of our affiliates soon to be thousands of affiliates who actively promote the site. As more information comes in from these sources a clear picture is painted and displays the top 20 which are most likely to be cost effective and get you results. You can join Rapid Downline for free here.


While I gave you a bunch of quality information above I just couldn’t fit it all in this blog post. It would have been way to long, but I built a report that’s jam packed with all the little secrets, split testing and even bonuses to help you get started. Just click here to get your copy

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