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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 10/4/2014

That time of the week again, new reports have run and the top 20 Traffic exchanges and Viral mailers have been posted based on last weeks results. This week we see a brand new crowned champion in the TE world pushing 6 sign ups! It’s good to see exchanges such as this which look outside of the box creating a larger audience for your ads. We also have one viral mailer which is [...]

How To Build Success With Rapid Downline

Planning Your Attack I want to share with you a simple yet very powerful success plan that you can put into action starting as soon as you read this entire post.  A success plan that will build you traffic streams and income streams that will fuel your online business and help you reach your goals online. Rapid Downline is the tool towards success and surprisingly it’s not hard [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/27/2014

It’s that time of the week the new Rapid Downline report for this week is out for Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers. This week we totally blew away the amount of traffic we got compared to all other weeks even launch week just wow! Affiliates are really seeing the power of Rapid Downline being able to build your own custom downline builder and all the advertising tools we [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/20/2014

The new week is here for our rankings for the top 20 Viral Mailers and Traffic exchanges. Now is the time to login to your account and update any of your ID’s for the top new 20. Later on this week I will be announcing 2 things but to give you a bit of a heads up on what they are one will be for a new powerful tool that is hitting the internet that will allow you to easily create [...]

New Guaranteed Views On Login Ads

Login ads are a powerful tool to use on any site. It’s a great spot to grab someones attention and has been proven over the years to be of high conversions. Rapid downline has always offered login ads since it’s launch but there was one key point I thought it was missing and that was to guaranteed ad views on each order. Currently up to 10 login ads can be in circulation at [...]

Curious How I Keep Track Of My Results?

One key thing many people online marketing miss out on is understanding how to track their traffic. I’m not talking about some crummy unique hits i’m talking about tracking exactly where your optins come from and your sales the two most important factors to building any business online. Below I am going to go over with you one of the most powerful and robust yet easy to use [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/13/2014

Our traffic exchange and viral mail report are now updated for last weeks stats. This week we pushed well over 100k hits but I am building plans to increase this to 250k or more each week. A big update this week is the tracking of optins. These are people that joined my squeeze page for my report and optins also get a point value to help them rank. Optins are great and while sales might [...]

How To Be Successful With Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges

I’m about to share with you over 10 years of my marketing experience in a few easy to follow steps that will increase your conversion rates and set you on the path to success. Below are my 5 easy to follow steps anyone can use to both understand these traffic methods and to reap the full benefits of them. 1. Get Results Use Proper Ads. If you don’t do this I promise you [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/06/2014

I know many of you are watching some college football right now but don’t forgot that Saturday here at Rapid Downline also means it’s time to update your ID’s in the rankers for the top 20 Viral Mailers and Traffic exchanges. Last month we saw a number of additions and improvements to the Rapid Downline system such as custom downline builders, a brand new quick join [...]

Custom Downline Builder

A new addition has hit Rapid Downline for all of our upgraded members(free members can view their uplines recommended). Now you can create and build your own custom downline builder which is called upline Recommended. This new page allows you to list up to 5 of your own recommended sites to everyone you refer to Rapid Downline. Also on this a presented by option which will display your [...]
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