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Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 10/10/2015

These weeks sure seem to go flying by and that is why it is so important to have an action plan. Having a plan that you stick to daily will increase your chances at success. Create small little goals for you to achieve during each day and don’t give up till you hit them! You will quickly see a change in results and how much you can get done in a single day. News and [...]

What TEProfts Can Do For You

Just a few short months ago I partnered up with Scott Douglas owner of TEProfits and starting a chain of events that has now lead to the most powerful Traffic Exchange income and traffic building programs out there. Scott had done amazing work on the site thousands of hours input for content and just pure gold when it comes to making money with Traffic Exchanges. But it needed a little [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 10/03/2015

Woohhh what an awesome week yet again you ladies and gents continue to amaze me with the numbers you push. Remember to login to your Rapid Downline account and update your top 20 TE and VM listings. News and updates Core plans are still underway to building out the new plugin system and creating a cool name to call it. If you have any suggestions on what to call the new feature we will [...]

Effective Viral Mailer Advertising

Viral mailers or safelists are membership sites that allow you to send a broadcast email to all current active members of the system. Most of the time these are members looking for such things as more traffic, making money online and learning other methods of building their business. Taking note the the above will let you know how you should target your ad and lead capture offer to [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/26/2015

This week in Rapid Downline… Starting this week and moving forward each of these weekly blog posts will have a structure to it to help keep things more organized and get you the information you are craving. News and Updates No big changes this week just some back end updates to the testing and optimizing the script to run quickly compared to before. This will help when we gear [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/12/2015

Over 1.65 Million hits tracked this week! Awesome job affiliates and over 275 new members joined Rapid Downline last week. Things are really heating up around here. With the roll out of the new IMLoop social network (still undergoing some updates etc) the entire system of Rapid Downline will soon be expanded to allow you to earn even more commissions by selling reports and [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 9/5/2015

This weeks reports are in! We where just shy to 2 million hits tracked to Rapid Downline pages this week. One of the big updates this week is that IMloop has relaunched on its new script. This has been an over 7 month project and this weekend major work will still be going on. I invite you come come check it out and join the groups that your interested in to connect with [...]

The Changes Lead To This

Great news! September is my birthday month so to celebrate I just doubled up all co-op referrals earned by all members who are currently upgrade and who upgrade any time this month. Elite Used to be 0 now get 2 Professional used to be 5 now get 10 Exclusive used to be 10 now get 20! No need to do anything else besides being an upgraded member. If you are already upgraded then these [...]

TEProfits Added To Recommended List

As some of you are aware by now I have become co-owner of an amazing website called TEProfits. This site was originally designed by Scott Douglas and goes in depth not only in training about traffic exchanges but also how to build your business and income online with them. Just take a look at what some of the active members of TEProfits have to say about it already. Visit TEProfits [...]

Traffic Exchange and Viral Mailer Report 8/29/2015

A number of new updates have rolled out this week along with the announcement today of a new program hitting our top recommended program on September 1st! Quick shout out first that it is that time of the week to login and check out the new top 20 lists for Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges. Be sure to get in there and update your IDs for any new programs that have hit the top 20 [...]
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