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Custom Squeeze Page For Upgraded Members

Rapid Downline does it again! With the introduction of custom downline builders for upgraded members (full blog post found here) it has been a goal of mine to design a nice looking page which you could use to brand yourself along with your recommended programs.

This page looks like this…

Click To Make Bigger

Click To Make Bigger

This page is designed to brand yourself with your name and any social icons you have connected to your Rapid Downline account. On top of this it also lists all of the programs you have added into your custom downline builder and allows visitors to either join them directly by clicking on them on this page or joining Rapid Downline under you via the quick optin box at the bottom and then join you though the custom downline builder along with the rankings page.

This is just one more feature that makes being an upgraded member at Rapid Downline so powerful. We have packages that unlock all of these features for just $7 a month! Lock in your custom downline builder today and start building a powerful network of income and traffic streams with Rapid Downline.

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