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Curious How I Keep Track Of My Results?

One key thing many people online marketing miss out on is understanding how to track their traffic. I’m not talking about some crummy unique hits i’m talking about tracking exactly where your optins come from and your sales the two most important factors to building any business online.

Below I am going to go over with you one of the most powerful and robust yet easy to use software programs I run on my servers to display and keep track of where my money is well spent. A general rule of mine is for every $1 I put into my sales funnel I expect to get at least $1 out of it or nearly break even and increase my email subscriber list.

The program I use to track all of this is called Quality Click Control and you can lock in your own copy of this powerful script by clicking here.

Below is a screen shot of what my tracking looks like…


Click Image To Make Larger

What this allows me to do is see exactly how much traffic is coming from each place, the amount of traffic I was expecting to get and the total conversion rate of that traffic. (I can set it up to track sales to but in the campaign above I was shooting for free optins for a copy of my ebook.

I can also keep track of how much money I spent so for example lets say each of the 3 above cost me $50 each I can quickly see what service pushed a higher conversion rate (meaning a better quality viewer) to my page that ended up joining my email list.

Now Quality Click Control has many other functions as well, in fact there is well over a hours worth of tutorials on all the cool key features this little bugger does for you. Head on over and check it out so far this tool has been amazing for keep track of results so I know where my dollar is best spent.

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