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Do You Like Deals and Discounts?

One of our new features here at Rapid Downline is now out for the public to use. This feature is called our deals and discount section which also acts as a downline builder. On this page you will find a number of sites that are offering deals and discounts on their products and services. This page is only available to those members who are upgraded at Rapid Downline and will be [...]

Money Making Subject Lines 7 Steps

With Viral Mailers and emailing your own list on your auto responder having a captivating yet informative subject line could mean the difference between a $300 email ad and a $3,000 one. Creating subject lines that make money is somewhat of an art along with testing. It takes time to learn some of the basics but once you have them narrowed down and follow these basic guidelines it comes [...]

New Ranking Badges For Rapid Downline

This is something I wanted to wait to launch on the site till after we where out of beta. Now you can display where your site ranks on RapidDownline with pride. A small few lines of code will now display a badge anywhere on your site you wish. It will auto update your rank number for the top 20 traffic exchanges and viral mailers. Below are details on how to do so. Once you login to [...]

Building Your Brand

Building your brand online is important just like it is with any company offline as well. There are two ways of doing it online and that’s branding your name and personal picture or using a logo that represents your company. Many of the sites recommended and ranked allow you to brand yourself or your companies logo and its a good idea to do so. However remember your brand reflects [...]

Split Testing 101

While getting tons of high converting targeted traffic is great they mean nothing if your ads not producing results for you. There are a number of things you can do on your site to improve conversion rates. Even if your getting the best traffic to your sites if your ads not up to par you could be missing out on sign ups and sales. In some cases I have seen a difference of 1,138% just by [...]

Tired Of Losing Those Passwords?

Marketing online requires joining hundreds of sites from traffic exchanges, article directories, list swaps, viral mailers, social networks and more. The real issue is trying to manage and keep all of those passwords unique and safe. Trust me this wont be a pitch to try and get you to buy something instead this will show you a program I have used for the last two years that securely [...]

Marketing Ideas For June

Rapid Downline now just one week  since released to the public has seen explosive growth and there are many success stories already coming in. From brand new affiliate marketers making their first commission payouts at various sites to owners seeing amazing new activity from being ranked on the top 20. There is still plenty of room to grow and build your own Rapid Downline. Each [...]

Rapid Downline Tips For Traffic Exchange Owners

I realize many of you that are already members are also traffic exchange owners and a good number have messaged me about how to get ranked here on Rapid Downline. So many in fact I felt I needed to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Fact is it is VERY easy to be included in the rankings here at Rapid Downline and you might already be! If anyone of your members is currently promoting [...]

What Is A Viral Mailer/Safelist ?

Viral mailers are also know as Safelists which are free to join sites where you read other members emails in exchange for them reading your own. You will earn credits by opening up emails and clicking on a special “credit link” within. These credits are they used for sending out your own email ads or converting them into banner and text impressions. When you join these [...]

What Is A Traffic Exchange?

Traffic exchanges come in a number of unique ways but the underlying part of what makes a traffic exchange is a member views your site in place of your viewing a random members. The best converting offers on these types of sites are normally traffic, sales funnels, squeeze pages and making money online niches. There are honestly thousands of traffic exchanges out there but not all are [...]
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