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How To Build Success With Rapid Downline

Planning Your Attack

I want to share with you a simple yet very powerful success plan that you can put into action starting as soon as you read this entire post.  A success plan that will build you traffic streams and income streams that will fuel your online business and help you reach your goals online. Rapid Downline is the tool towards success and surprisingly it’s not hard to start building these streams.

To start out I am going to tell you that you have two options. One being a free method and two being a small monthly payment method. While I understand you may not want to invest any money upfront I can tell you the benefits of doing so are huge. Rapid downline offers 3 separate membership options while all of them allow you to unlock full access to Rapid Downline such as the custom downline builder and adding in you 20 ID’s the main different between the packages are being adding into the co-op system.

Lets Talk Money

Our first upgrade at $7 monthly will unlock full access to the site however it will not provide you with any co-op shares to help you build your downlines. This is a great package for those starting out that want to put in the time and effort into promoting Rapid Downline solely themselves.

Our other packages run $27/monthly and $47/monthly which gives you 1 or 2 shares into our monthly co-op. This money is pooled to give you at least 10 or 20 downline members into Rapid Downline. You earn commissions from these members, get them as referrals when they join any of the sites in the rankings week after week (as long as you input your ID’s for each) This is a great way to start building your downlines and give your Rapid Downline business a kick start.

Your Weekly Tasks

Each week on Saturday noon EST Rapid Downline will run a new report based on all traffic from the last 7 days up to that point. At this moment some new sites may hit the top 20 rankings. It’s very important to login and either join the new sites or add in your referral ID’s for each. Doing so will ensure any downline members under you at Rapid Downline will join under you in those programs listed when they click the link in the downline builder or on your squeeze pages.

Commit and Succeed

Now that you have your plan put together its time to commit to Rapid Downline and promote it as much as you can. You could promote a single site and build downline members in it and earn commissions OR you can promote Rapid Downline and build your downlines and earn commissions in multiple sites.

Need a few ideas of where to promote Rapid Downline? While Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers are great places to start there are huge audiences you can reach in other avenues as well. Below are a few with some tips on how to best promote in them.

Social NetworksFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr, VK, Apsense, IMFaceplate and IMLoop are just a few examples of places you can post your link and communicate with others. *TIP* Join IMLoop and every time you visit Rapid Downline it will post to your wall with your referral link!

Blog – Blogging is powerful and if you own a blog placing a banner it for Rapid Downline is a great start. Bet even better is creating your own article on your blog about Rapid Downline. Point out key points about why Rapid Downline is a great tool to have for their marketing efforts and also let them know it’s free to join. (Let us push the sales for you)

Solo Ads – What can I say, these things are powerful! While they may cost a bit the amount of sign ups and qualified buyers they bring often outweighs the upfront cost. While I don’t recommend promoting Rapid Downline directly to them what I do recommend is build a funnel type system where you capture the lead first and then promote Rapid Downline on the back end of it. If you need a place to build funnels I highly recommend Click Funnels.

Classifieds – Be careful here not to spam but if you can come up with a crafty and informative ad about Rapid Downline post it on as many classified ads as you get to get the word out. Above all else Craigslist is supreme here.

Article Marketing – Write up a nice soft sell article of about 700 words and post it on article directories. The tops would be EzineArticles, HubPages and Go articles. But there are literally hundreds of them out there.

Email Signatures – This is a money pot and I honestly am confused on why more people don’t use it. Whenever replying to someone include a small snippet after you sign your name to your emails. It could be as simple as “Oh yeah, I am building my traffic and income streams with this program – your affiliate link”

and the list continues on. Each month I will be posting some tips and details on some places you can use to promote Rapid Downline and how to effectively do it so stay tuned.

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