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7 Ways To Help Boost Your Referrals At Rapid Downline FREE Part 2

A few days ago I gave you my top 3 ways to building a referral base here at Rapid Downline and well quite honestly any program out there in which you want to promote to earn commissions for or even your own sites. But I did promise you a total of 7 and thus part 2 of that blog post is here. In this post I will go over 4 more ways to help boost your referrals here at Rapid Downline (or any other program you wish to promote)

#4Changing the small things – One of the most powerful ways to build referrals is working with the referrals you already have. What?!

When your current referrals are happy with the content and support you are providing them you can simply ask “I’m please you’re happy with my work. Do you know anyone else who can benefit from my services?” often times this will land you another lead and a powerful recommendation from their friend “your currently referral” and allow you to bring in yet another powerful and very active member under you. Think about using this tactic in your follow up emails, Skype chats and other areas to really leverage the power of this.

#5 – Create urgency! – Just like with selling you need to create a sense of urgency. Without it your emails will fall by the way side and your potential referrals will file this to the back of their mind and most likely skip it all together. Consider working out a special deal with the owner for a limited time offer next 48 hours etc. and push that to your email list. Doing so will ensure those people take action now and not file it in the back of their minds and end up forgetting about it. You can also do a referral contests where the most active of your referrals or those who sign up in a certain time frame are entered to win a paid product from you. By leaving these little urgency tickets in your leads minds you keep their interested and they under stand they must act now or soon. The more time the have to think about it the more reason they might come up with about why they don’t need the said product.

#6 – Be Likeable and Trustworthy – When building your email list like shown in part one of this blog post a few days ago it’s very important to first use the program yourself. If your not using it then why should they? By only recommending quality products and services you build up a sense of trust with your reader base and over time they wont second guess your judgment call making the sale even easier. Always try and soft sell by giving it as a recommendation and showing them what the program can do for them. If you hard sell you can almost always kiss that person goodbye and maybe forever! It’s hard to rebuild your reputation so make sure you do it right from the beginning.

#7 – Consider Using a Webinar and Testimonials – This has to be one of the most powerful ways of both making money and building your referral base I have ever seen. Thus it is why it is lucky number 7 on our top 7 list. Below I am even going to show you how to set up your own within the next 48 hours and make your friend sales from your webinar.

Webinars don’t have to be long a simple 20-30 minute training and advice about the program you are showing them and what it can do are enough but include other things I mentioned above such as urgency, contests and build trust.

Building trust is important and many of your webinar attendees might be the first time they have ever heard of you so on your webinar page you will want to include real testimonials from people you have worked with and helped, a link that opens in a new window to the product or service you are recommending and a limited time offer bonus for the first 50 or 24 hours till the offer is not available anymore (almost always pitched at the end of the webinar)

Curious about to to easily set up a page like this and not to great with programming or design work? Then I have just the program for you! Over the last 8 months I had the honor of working with Russell Brunson and his team on a program called Click Funnels which includes building powerful beautiful looking webinars along with other funnel types without any programming knowledge. Simply point and click stupid simple stuff anyone can do!

You can join this program now for 14 days of free trial just to test it out for a limited time. Just use the following link to set up your account and start building your first webinar! Join Click Funnels Here

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