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7 Ways To Help Boost Your Referrals At Rapid Downline FREE Part 1

When it comes to marketing online I have found one thing to be true. That one thing is there are plenty of free resources out there to promote your referral links, your business or just about anything you want. You just need to know where to look and be willing to trade in some time to set up these free methods. So without further ado here are my top 3 picks of 7 for promoting you and your referral links starting in 2015! Part 2 will be out soon with the other top 4 picks of this year.

1) Social Media

While social media seems to be on the decline as in the time people spend on it whats really important to know are all the different social networks coming out that are more targeted. For example Facebook is geared to anyone to use and creates a massive blast of in your face mixed information that can take more time to keep up with then what you have. However more targeted networks such as one I run offers a more targeted audience so you can get your point across and reach the right people quickly instead of the masses of un-targeted people on large networks such as Facebook. Other examples would be Empire Avenue, Apsense and IMFaceplate to name a few however a simple search online will yield other great examples.

2) Start A Blog

If you enjoy writing or even if you just enjoy reading, starting a blog is one powerful marketing tool to help build you targeted visitors to your site. On just about every site I own you will see a blog attached to it where I will release content and updates about the site. Its a quick and powerful way to both keep in touch with your existing user base but also attract in social media, search engines and more exposure, and guess what its all for free! Need some advice on setting up your blog? Check out my blog post here

3) Build Your Email List

I get confused on why some people thing that email is going to be replaced with someone else some time soon. To me email is a simple non urgent way to getting updates, newsletters etc on info you want. Building your email is key and any strong business will tell you that. By providing quality information, sales, training and other such things within your emails you can drastically increase your income this year. I would recommend using a quality auto responder service with years of good reputation before trying to save a buck or two as some inferior auto responder. You need to ensure your emails are being delivered and not getting stuck in spam or even worse just bouncing and not being delivered at all. The service I have stuck with for years is AWeber.

These are my top 3 picks of the top 7 list to building a solid future this year for your online business. Stay turned for part 2 of this blog post where I will reveal 4 more top ways to building your income and downline for Rapid Downline and any other site you wish.

Part 2 4 more tips click here…

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